Save The Finance Team Time & Stress with Cash Flow and Overdue Debtors Automation

Forecast Live revolutionises cash flow forecasting for applications like Business Central, Sage, Accumatica and more.

Enhance your team’s productivity with automated cash flow estimates and overdue notifications.

Forecast Live saves your company from wasting precious time. Allowing you and your employees the opportunity to concentrate on building the business by doing what you do best.

We can help you get quicker payments with Forecast Live

What Makes Our Cash Flow Forecasting Module Unique?

Forecast Live automatically pulls the data from your current accounting system and combines it with Machine Learning (ML).

Our program creates an automated, precise cash flow schedule of when customers will pay and when expenses are due. It instantaneously makes finance management easier and more accurate.

Accurate cash flow planning can present a host of challenges when not managed effectively. Not only is it difficult and time-consuming, but conducting daily forecasts is almost impossible without the right tools.

Make stressful cash flow calculations a thing of the past with Forecast Live’s cash flow forecasting.

Forecast Live Business Central - Daily Weekly Cashflow

Forecast Live Solves Many Cash Flow Common Problems

Common Challenges


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Accounts information changes daily, rendering cash flow planned “out of date” within 24 hours.

Direct synchronisation between your accounting system and Forecast Live provides automatic updates of your cash flow forecasts.

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Relying on invoice “Due Dates” makes cash flow scheduling unreliable because customers don’t always pay on time.

Machine Learning (ML) uses historic data to better estimate when payments reach your accounts, giving more accurate cash flow forecasting with less chance of negative balances.

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Managing creditor invoice due dates may be straightforward, but determining when other expenses fall due is challenging.

Forecast Live uses your historic bank account transactions and deploys ML to populate cash flow expense suggestions. This helps build a more accurate cash outflow estimate.

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It is difficult doing a “What If” analysis for monthly cash flow. Determining the long-term impact or ripple effect of varying income and expense amounts is not easy.

With Forecast Live’s multiple cash flow scenarios, existing forecasts can be copied and tweaked. You can add extra expenses or move accounts payable invoices and see the daily balances impact.

Microsoft excel icon

MS Excel cash flow forecasting can be complex and lacks real-time connectivity.

Forecast Live’s “Plug and Customise” synchronisation with your accounting software saves time and there’s no need for in-depth Excel expertise. No formula building, conditional formatting or macro knowledge is required!

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Traditional cash flow forecasting is time-consuming, complex and lacks real-time updates.

Automate complex account settings with Forecast Live. Automation means fewer mistakes and a real-time forecast available in 30 minutes.

Instantly improve your cash flow forecasting for your accounting software

Why Use Overdue Debtors and Accounts Receivable Reminders?

Forecast Live integrates your accounting data, allowing it to send overdue debtors and accounts receivable reminders. This makes the duty of following up on client payments less intimidating, allowing you to breathe and run your accounting duties more efficiently.

Simplify your cash flow forecasting by erasing clumsy hard copy calendars or missed accounts from your processes!

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Overdue Debtors Automation

Forecast Live’s built-in data connector uses your accounting data to categorise outstanding accounts by age. Overdue debtors and accounts receivable get an email as soon as their payments are late. Easily customise our pre-set email templates to fit your company’s style.

Email with invoice icon

Overdue Invoice Copies

A copy of the overdue invoice automatically attaches to the reminder, giving customers the information that they need to pay. No more back and forth communication, figuring out what they require, means quicker payments.

Document with magnifying glass

Quick View of Debtors

The Control Centre gives totals for:

  • Debtors (AR)
  • Current actions
  • Value of all outstanding invoices list
  • Value of largest overdue invoice

One view leads to quicker actions.

View and group Customers easily

Easy Customer Access

View and group customers into easy-to-read tables.

Access contact details in real-time, directly from your accounting software.

Add reminder icon

Overdue Reminder Flexibility

Forecast Live’s reminder settings help you manage the accounts you choose. Want to send an instant reminder to all? Use the “Send All Reminders” menu. Want to send Select Reminders? There’s a “Send Select Reminders” option.

List document icon

Track Tasks Against Customers

Assign notes, tasks, or calendar appointments to a customer quickly and easily with the Forecast Live’s action list. 

It also provides you with various ways to sort and view notes.

Want quicker payments from overdue Debtors or Accounts Receivables?

More Great Reasons to Improve Your Cash Flow Forecasting for your Accounting Software with Forecast Live

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Web-based Access

You can work anytime and anywhere with Forecast Live. 

Access overdue accounts or our cash flow functionality through any browser and device, anytime, anywhere.

Get a 14 day Free Trial

30-Day Unconditional Trial

Get Forecast Live now for a 30-Day Unconditional Trial. 

It’s your Proof Of Value.

Trial and see how quickly and easily your business’s cash flow improves.

Forecast.Live is easy to install and use

Easy to Install and Use

Forecast Live integrates seamlessly into your current system.  We create your company portal, add Forecast Live, connect to your accounting system, and you’re up and running!

" Out-The-Box" Integration Allows Access To Real-Time Debtors & Cash Flow Scheduling From Various Accounting Systems

Forecast Live automatically synchronises with several accounting systems giving you real-time cash flow capabilities.


Your Accounting System not listed?

Send an email to Support@Plus.Live and let us know what accounting system you are using, and we’ll build a connector.*

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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