Give Finance & Management a way to get paid quicker, by automating reminders on Outstanding Debtors…

Version 1 of Forecast.Live helps speed up the payment of outstanding invoices. It helps automate the sending of reminders for outstanding balances using pre-set (easy to edit) templates, and the direct integration to the Accounting System guarantees your outstanding payment information is always up to date.

As Forecast.Live continues to be developed, additional functionality such as short and medium term Cash Flow Forecasting will be added. For this first release, Forecast.Live is offered on an introductory Launch special.

See our pricing page for more detail.

Why Forecast.Live?

Get a 14 day Free Trial

30-Day Unconditional Trial

It’s quick and easy to see how Forecast.Live will improve your Businesses' cash flow. Use the
30-Day Unconditional Trial and see for yourself.

Forecast.Live is easy to install and use

Easy to Install and Use

Create your own Company Portal, add Forecast.Live, connect to your Business System and you’re up and running!

Get a quick overview of debtors on the control centre

Quick View of Debtors

Get an overview of Total Debtors, Current Actions, Value of All Outstanding and Largest Overdue Invoice List, in one quick Control Centre view.

View and group Customers easily

Get hold of Customers Easily

View and group Customers in easy to read tables. Access Contacts, email and Tel numbers all synced to the Business System, in real time.

Instantly send a reminder to everyone

Reminder Flexibility

Want an instant reminder to all? Use "Send All Reminders" menu. Want to send Select Reminders? Use "Send Select Reminders". Easy!

Add Actions to Customers with the action list section

Add Actions to Customers

Add a note, a task, or a calendar appointment to any Customer quickly and easily with the Action List. Sort and view by notes in a variety of ways.

Out the Box Integration

Out the box integration allows the Users of the above Vendors to access real time Debtors.

If your Business or Accounting System is not listed, that’s no problem. Send an email to Support@Plus.Live, tell us you what your back end Accounting is, and we’ll build a Connector. Conditions apply.

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More Apps In Development

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