Sales Live for mobile teams

A Mobile Sales Tool for teams in the field who want to access and process real time Sales, Customer and Inventory data.  

“Ready to go” granular integration to the Business System will give sales teams Customer and Inventory Item details, Sales History, Common Items, Stock Quantities, Sales Templates, Customer Special Pricing and much more.

Reduce errors and double handling with Sales Live.  Low cost, quick deployment with no lock in contracts.

Sales Live mobile dashboard

What can I do with the Mobile Sales Live?

Sales Quotes

Sales Live makes it easy to give quotes, on the fly. Choose the customer, add products to a cart and send! Customers will receive your quote via email and the quote will sync with the Business System.

Sales Order Taking

Sales Staff can place orders on the road. Once you’ve added items to the cart , you can add additional detail like Notes, Discounts or even select the Warehouse before completing the order.

Sales Invoicing

With Sales Live there’s no need to wait to get back to the office. You can invoice Customers immediately with a signature option and AND have the order processed to your Warehouse for shipping.

Customer Information

Real time access to contacts, addresses, notes, sales data, common items and templates. In the palm of your hand, on any device, and using any browser.

Order History

Access Customer Order and Sales history, again real time, allowing you to speed up decision making and impressing your Customers.

Inventory Intelligence

Get up to the minute information on stock holding, different pricing, last cost, average cost, etc. Sort by individual or group, and even access Custom fields.

Connected or Non-Connected

Stay connected to your Business System for up to the minute information or get the independence of stand-alone mode. With Sales Live it's your choice.

Get your Mobile Application working quickly

With Sales Live there’s no complex setup and multiple steps to go “Mobile” with your customers.

It's time to stop Data Double Entry.

The Plus.Live Data Connector has pre-built connections for Industry Leading Business Systems. Connect your Mobile Sales Tool to your Business Software, with deep integration across many levels.

Aside from core integration functionality across Customers and Inventory, Sales Live will make the Sales Reps and Managers much more effective in the field, and in the office.

Quick set up, no lock in contracts

Easy Set up and Deployment

With Sales Live, there’s no complex installations or lengthy onboarding. Simply download the Plus.Live Data Connector to cut order processing time, reduce double entry and speed up delivery.

No lock in contracts

Sales Live is easy to deploy and there are no lock in contracts. Get up and running quickly and easily. Monitor the quick Return on Investment or cancel immediately via email. No fuss, no bother.

For Sales Reps

Accurate Information

Get the right information about your Customers at the right time, including past orders, account balances and more. Real time, in the palm of your hand.

Quicker Decisions

By having access to real time stock holding, Sales reps can help customers make quicker decisions about inventory and delivery times.

No Waiting, No Errors

Save time and paper. Sales Live cuts down on duplicate data entry, integrated to the Business System, with security and permission functionality.

For Sales Managers and other Management

ERP in the field

Quickly extend your Business ERP into the field with low deployment set up time and cost. Ask your Value Added Partner or I.T. Consultant to download and set up Sales Live.

Better Customer information

Help your team save time by allowing secure access to important information like stock holdings and customer information where it matters most – in front of the Customer.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

By giving your team access to accurate and timely information about customers, your team can make better decisions and improve efficiencies. Happier Customers means more Sales.

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