Snapshot Live

Helps individuals and teams get important business information in instant, visual Dashboards, anywhere, anytime.

No need to create your first few Dashboards because Snapshot gives users an instant library, once your Business System is connected.

We promise easy deployment and no lock in contracts.

And 1 FREE User.  Forever. Guaranteed.

Why Snapshot Live?

Easy To Install And Use

Download Snapshot, connect to your Business System using the Plus.Live Data Connector and you’re up and running! Open any Dashboard, drill down, filter, and share information within minutes.

Instant Dashboards

Most BI solutions force you to start with a “blank piece of paper” when it comes to Dashboard Design. With Snapshot you can access a range of Community Dashboards, ON YOUR OWN DATA, instantly.

Easy Customisation

Of course you can design any Dashboard from the ground up, if you wish. Or you can take any Community Dashboard, copy and start customising, to your exact business needs. Surprised at the speed of delivery?

Limitless Dashboard Creation

Once connected, you can create any range of new Dashboards. Use data from within your Business System or connect to any other Cloud or SQL source. Dashboard anything, anywhere, anytime.

Auto Scheduling

You can set up any Dashboard to automatically send information to relevant parties at any time. Set the scheduled date and time (recurring) and it's done. Automated instant Dashboards. Easy huh?

Dashboard Back Up

All Custom Dashboards are automatically backed up. If something ugly happens, just download the Data Connector, reconnect to your Business System and everything will be there, as before.

Out the Box Integration

Out the box integration allows the Users of the above Vendors to access an instant library of Dashboards. 

If your Business or Accounting System is not listed, that’s no problem. Pop us an email to Support@Plus.Live, tell us you what your back end Accounting is and we’ll build a Connector. Conditions apply.

Why Snapshot versus other BI Solutions?

Cloud tools for Business Systems and Payroll

1. The first User is FREE. Forever.

2. Instant Dashboards when you connect.

With Snapshot your first User is Free. Gratis. Costs you Nothing. 

And there’s more. Because Snapshot ships with a range of Instant Dashboards, there’s also no need to design a Dashboard from the ground up. Connect to your business system and see your data in useful Dashboards immediately.

Join our Business Plan and get additional functionality, like scheduling of Dashboards or Customisation.

Easy Instant Intelligence

Easy Deployment

Snapshot comes with a library of Community Dashboards that are immediately visible after download. No need to do anything – start viewing valuable data immediately.

Easy Customisation

Take any of the existing Community Dashboards, copy and start customising to suit other individuals or departments within the business.

Multiple Systems

Snapshot is an open system, allowing connections to multiple Business Systems and Databases, offering a single Dashboarding solution.

1st User Free. Forever

1st User on Snapshot is FREE. Forever. No credit card required.

Real Time Dashboards

The Plus.Live Data Connector connects to your Business System giving real time information

Low Cost Of Integration

The connection to the Data Connector takes a few minutes to set up. Les Consulting or I.T. involvement and saves money.

Data Connector Support

The Data Connector is fully supported by Plus Software. When Vendors upgrade their software, there’s no need for you to do any tweaking, maintenance or hacking.

No Double Entry

Once integrated, there’s no more duplicate entry of data. Data that’s entered into the Business System is available in Snapshot Live.

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