30-Day Unconditional Money Back

$ 99 Business Plan (per month, includes Admin User)
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Unlimited Software connectors
  • Real Time Data Refresh
  • $ = Aus and NZ (See below for International)


$ 75 (per additional user, per month)

Choose Your Business Plan

Debtor Automation

(Debtors / AR Cash Automation)
$ 149 (per month)

Cashflow Automation

(incl. Machine Learning / ML)
$ 149 (per month)

Debtor + Cashflow Automation

(incl. ML)
$ 250 (per month)


$ 49 (per additional user, per month)
  • Add $20 pm for Custom Domain Name
  • Add additional Users as needed
  • Additional Database costs may apply – see Pricing FAQ below
  • All prices are ex local taxes


$ 149 Business Plan (per month)
  • $ = Aus and NZ (See below for International)


$ 49 (per user, per month)

Limited time pricing is available since Version 1 of Forecast.Live currently has Debtors (Accounts Receivable) functionality. 

Additional functionality including short (30-Day), medium and long term Cash Flow Forecasting is in development. 

 Once released, Forecast.Live will move to “normal” pricing.   

Any Customers signed up on the introduction pricing will be “Grandfathered.” They will continue to pay the same price when introductory pricing is over. 

International Pricing

All Countries INCLUDING Ireland
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
USA and Canada



Reminders (Debtors /

AR Cash Automation

€ 95.00
R 1,695
£ 85
$ 149

Cashflow Forecasting (incl.

Machine Learning / ML)

€ 95.00
R 1,695
£ 85
$ 149

Cash Automation &

Cashflow  (incl. ML)

€ 175.00
R 2,795
£ 145
$ 250

Per User

€ 30.00
R 495
£ 29
$ 49

No Lock-In Contracts, Cancel Anytime

(Cancel anytime)

Software Connectors


Number of Company Databases


Data Refresh Time



Priority Email


In most cases, yes.

The Plus.Live Apps are billed through a Secure Gateway following 5 “base” currencies:

  • $AU
  • € Euro
  • £ Pounds
  • R ZAR
  • $ USD

When a Business initially registers for Plus.Live, the currency will be set based on Country selected, and cannot be changed.

If a Business is located outside of the Base Currencies Territories, $USD billing is then allocated.

You will have 1 (One) User to start, this being your Prime User, then add additional Users, as required.

No. Any Business Plan and associated Users can be cancelled at any time, unconditionally.

No. Most Users can use Forecast without needing much training.

The Business Plan allows you to connect one Database per Company Portal.

Pricing is as normal at the Business Plan price , and then per User.  So no change!

The first Company is at the standard pricing plan + Users. Any second, third, etc. Companies on additional databases are then discounted to $49 per Portal. Users are added at the normal price. This is a special Pricing set up – please request this via Support@Plus.Live.

This is, in most cases, possible – please ask Support for more information on Support@Plus.Live.

Our 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee allows you to try any of the Plus Software Desktop Solutions, on your own data, with no risk whatsoever.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Date of 30-day refund starts from date of initial payment.
2. No refund on any Consulting (set up, installation etc) fees.

Easy Refund:
Email Support@PlusSoftSolutions.com  – our Finance team will refund within 7 working days.

Cancel at any time after the 30 days offer ends. No penalties and no lock in contracts. Ever.

Link your accounting system to Forecast Live and get awesome cash flow tools.