Easy cashflow setup and implementation
30-Day Unconditional Trial

Easy Cash Flow Setup, Implementation and Training

Cash Flow help each step of the way

Onboarding Hand Holding and Support

At Plus Software we believe in a quick “time to value”. 

Your return on investment should be within days, not months. Your implementation training is transparent and managed for you in a visual online map, real time, with your team and your partner across all the detail. We’ll hold your  hand through the 30 day unconditional refund period, and beyond.

Real Time Connector to Accounting

The setup and implementation includes our unique Data Connector, directly integrated to your Accounting software. This allows real time information from accounting to flow through to Forecast Live, avoiding duplication and double entry.

The Data Connector Magic


The Data Connector allows a seamless link into a variety of Business Systems, offering a range of Integrated Cloud Tools. Work with our existing Data Connectors or add your own Data Connector, using our Application Protocol Interface (API).

Once the Plus.Live Data Connector is integrated, there's no need to duplicate the entry of data between your Business System and the Cloud Tool. It's all automated.

When Vendors upgrade their software, there's no extra work, no "tinkering" or hacking to re-connect.  Plus.Live supports and maintains Data Connectors, so you don't have to.

Link your accounting system to Forecast Live and get awesome cash flow tools.