Automated Cashflow Forecasting & Overdue Collections for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Forecast Live simplifies Cash Flow forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Forecast Live is an easy to use application for online cash flow forecasting and overdue collections that automatically syncs with Dynamics 365 Business Central, giving a real-time, LIVE picture of overdue debtors / AR and cash flow on a daily, weekly and monthly view. 

Forecast Live utilises Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to ease the burden on Dynamics 365 Business Central finance teams, giving them insight and control over cashflow and overdue debtors.

What Makes Forecast Live THE Leading Cash Flow Tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

We address different types of forecasting, using different methods. We utilise Debtor (AR) and Creditor information for short-term forecasting, and Budget and Actual information for long-term forecasting. 

Using the live data from your Dynamics 365 Business Central, we dynamically build and maintain your short and long-term cash flow Forecasts. This data combines up to date Bank Balances, Debtor & Creditor information with forward forecasted expenses & cash outflows to accurately predict your cash position.

Forecast Live gives you instant knowledge of the effects of interruptions like delayed payments, increased stock holdings and goods supply delays.

Forecast Live gives you an automated way of Forecasting for Dynamics 365 Business Central customers

1. Automated Short & Medium Term Forecasting for
Dynamics 365 Business Central

Short-term Cashflow forecasting (30 to 180 Days in advance) is a critical challenge for many businesses. 

Because a more granular approach is needed for this type of forecasting, and your business is constantly trading, it’s near impossible to manually maintain up to date accurate forecasts with live data. Until now! 

Forecast Live now provides YOUR BUSINESS a leading platform for managing short-term forecasting from Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

Automated daily & Weekly Cashflow Forecasts from Dyamics 365 Business Central

Forecast Live Business Central - Daily Weekly Cashflow

With Forecast Live, we produce automated daily & weekly cash flow forecasts to accurately predict your cash position by day or week.

You can easily move customer & supplier payments along the timeline, plan for additional expenses, or determine when the business will have cash reserves for shareholder drawings or reinvestment.

We go beyond normal forecasting for Dynamics 365 Business Central customers, identifying customer payment trends and using machine learning  (ML) to predict when customers will actually pay, often beyond their due date.

2. Re-Forecasting Your Cash Flow as You Need to, with Forecast Live

Instant access to multiple Forecasts & Cash Flow models to influence planning & key decisions from Dynamics 365 Business Central

Managing and maintaining accurate forecasts in today’s business environment and ever-changing economic conditions takes effort.  

Business leaders need insight to plan for the impact of changes in trading conditions, supply shortages and capital acquisitions.

As Actuals become known and Budgets change, it requires significant effort from skilled resources each month to keep up, often performed in complex excel spreadsheets. Until now!

We cut time costs and  provide automatic forecasts & re-forecasts for your financial year end results & cashflow direct from Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

With live data coming directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central always updating the multiple forecasts & cashflow models, it’s easy to plan and make key decisions.

We go beyond average forecasting, identifying customer payment trends using Machine Learning (ML).

Solve your cash flow forecasting problems.

3. Forecast Live Automates Outstanding Debtors Collection from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

We know how time consuming and difficult it is to stay on top of outstanding Debtors / AR.

Often your approach with valued clients needs to be managed differently, and you don’t want to lose the personal touch with clients while wishing there was a more automated way than just calling or emailing each client individually.

Forecast Live goes beyond forecasting and automates the follow up of outstanding debtor invoices from Dynamics 365 Business Central, while maintaining the personal touch needed.

Attach copies of overdue invoices

Send upcoming invoice reminders


Exclude clients from the reminders list

Exclude clients from reminder list

Automated Tasks for Follow Ups

Reminder template for overdue invoice

Select specific reminder templates based on the invoice age

Automatically attach copies of overdue invoices

Automatically attach copies of overdue invoices


Automatic updates on actuals as invoices paid and payments received

Ensure that your finance team has complete Debtors collection automation and access to simple and accurate forecasts.