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Unlock your powerful Data across Payroll, Finance, Sales, Operation and Marketing to deliver “one source of data truth” empowering everyone with  real insights to do their job better. Connect multiple data sources with DataWarehouse Live and empower everyone to make better decisions.

The Data Problem

In today’s business landscape, Data is the lifeblood of success and the key to preventing failure or exploding your growth. There are two key problems:

Data Abundance

Every small and medium sized organisation  has Data scattered across multiple sources. From Accounting & ERP systems to Payroll, CRM, One Drive, E-commerce  - information is everywhere, in different formats and in multiple databases.

Lack of Insight

As the organisation's needs grow, new platforms and databases are added continuously. With  information in multiple locations, it’s almost impossible to get quality insight across the entire business because of the silo affect of these different databases.

In fact, your Data map may look like this:

The Solution

We consolidate your important data into one location and provide an easy way to gather intelligent business insights, or report on/and Dashboard with no fuss and bother.

You choose secure Cloud, or On-Premise deployment, helping the right people in your organisation get to the right information at the right time.

Your DataWarehouse Live is now managed and controlled, looking somewhat like this:

"We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights."

Jay Baer

Marketing and customer experience expert

Hosting a DataWarehouse

DataWarehouse Live gives you three options when it comes to hosting your Warehouse server:

Plus Software Managed
Azure Server

Self-Managed Azure Server

Self-Hosted Server

Choosing the best hosting location to suit your needs is a matter of assessing your SQL Hosting capabilities – network, resources available and employee know-how. Have a look at this handy table below to gauge your needs.

Cloud Offering? Management of performance,
indexes & scaling
Security management Ongoing & Maintenance
Plus Software Managed Azure

Self-Managed Azure

Self-Hosted Server

Important: If you choose to Self-Host using an On-Premises server, you’ll need to set up at least the following:

  • SQL Server
  • Plus Software’s Data Connector
  • A BI software tool (Power BI or Snapshot Live)
  • Permissions/gateways set up for the BI system to access Warehouse (IP whitelist)

DataWarehouse Live solves these problems, for these roles:

You’re the CEO, CFO, MD, FD

One of the key challenges your finance team faces is the struggle to extract meaningful business insights from your scattered data. They often express frustration, stating that "it's all over the place." Without access to the information you require, making data-backed decisions becomes a daunting task. Consequently, accurately predicting future growth and identifying existing bottlenecks seems almost impossible.

You’re the Operations /Marketing / Sales Director

Even though the information you need is available, it is often difficult to access and work with. This difficulty hampers your ability to generate timely and accurate Sales, Marketing and Operational reports. Moreover, retrieving essential historical data is a complex process that relies heavily on IT or other departments, leading to increased costs associated with reporting.

You’re the CTO, CIO, IT and System Managers

Dealing with disparate data sources and multiple systems makes smooth information flow throughout the organization a challenge. Moreover, the high cost associated with the time and effort required to access information from the IT team adds to the burden. Managing information in this manner not only comes at a significant cost but also lacks efficiency.

You’re an ERP, System Engineer or IT Consultants

You’re constantly having to upskill on new and changing Cloud System API’s. Along with this Api's are often slow or missing features needed to effectively query them. There’s never enough time to take on “Bigger Data” Customers without significant work and often Data Warehouses on the market seem to be complex, in setup and pricing.

"Data are just summaries of thousands of stories - tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful."

Dan Heath

Bestselling author

DataWarehouse Live solves these problems, for these roles:


With DataWarehouse Live, management are now empowered with accurate data and improved reporting. More importantly, cross-functional insights can now be extracted, helping with better forecasting and strategic planning.

HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll teams can now access real information on the largest expense base – people! Integration between Payroll Software, Accounting, Recruitment and other data stacks is now achievable.


Sales professionals can easily get to sales Dashboards and Reporting across current and historical information. With DataWarehouse Live, up to date information is at their fingertips across multiple sources, customers, accounting and inventory. Better data, more sales.


Marketing data is now unlocked across multiple databases and multiple vendor sites, CRM, Excel, E-commerce etc. Marketeers are able to finally access one source of truth to build real marketing plans based on data, not on guesswork.

"Every company has big data in it's future and every company will eventually be in the data business."

Thomas H. Davenport

President's Distinguished Professor in IT and Management

DataWarehouse Live Features

A Centralised Repository

One place for collecting, storing, and managing large volumes of structured and sometimes unstructured data from various sources.

Easy Data Integration

DataWarehouse Live enables the integration of data from multiple sources like ERP, CRM, payroll into a unified and consistent format.

Auto Data Enrichment

Data is cleaned, and made ready for reporting, analysis and further mining


DataWarehouse Live speeds up querying and analysis allowing users to retrieve insights quickly, even from large volumes of data.


DataWarehouse Live is designed to scale your ongoing increasing data volumes, and user concurrency

BI & Reporting Integration

The Snapshot and MS Power BI integration streamlines the Dashboarding, Reporting and analysis outcomes.

"Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway."

Geoffrey Moore

Management Consultant and Author of Crossing the Chasm

Integrate all your Data

You bring the Application, and we’ll provide the connection.

DataWarehouse Live automates data collection from a range of internal, and external databases and files, from small to large and complex data sets

Important: DataWarehouse Live may not have your Application’s connector integrated and we can only determine this once we understand your needs.

"Data science is all about asking interesting questions based on the data you have - or often the data you don't have."

Sarah Jarvis

Director of Applied Machine Learning and Data Science at Secondmind

Quick up and running

Our methodical proven Onboarding process will provide a quick payback, guaranteed. 

We’ll work with you to understand your needs, design a custom DataWarehouse Live that meets those needs, and implement it flawlessly.  And we’ll do it quickly and easily. And if you’re not happy with the results, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Here’s the visual journey in partnership between ourselves, you (the Customer) and your I.T Partner (VAR, ERP Consultant)

Security & Maintenance

Naturally we take security and maintenance of your data warehouse seriously. Our Data Warehouse app is powered by the robust infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, providing you with a secure and reliable platform to store, manage, and analyse your data.

Security and Privacy

Secure, role-based access control, user permissions and security protocol monitoring

Uptime and Backup

Azure uptime credibility, automatic backups and intelligent Data optimisation


All access credentials and sensitive information are stored in an encrypted format

DataWarehouse Live also offers anonymisation of data within the software itself – most notably for removing identifying data from payroll records if necessary. It allows for specific columns to be removed from syncing – by doing this the DataWarehouse Live will not house any of the excluded information, and writers will have no access to it.

Data Lake, Data Warehouse or Data Mart?

DataWarehouse Live can be any one of these three repositories.

By using our Filters and Excluded Fields section in setup you can import everything and act like a Lake, restrict some and act like a Warehouse, or allow only very specific systems and fields to act like a Mart. The choice is entirely up to you. 

Here’s a quick table to guide your thinking about all three repositories.

Data Lake Data Warehouse Data Mart
Do you know what Dashboards you want?
Some idea
Some idea
Very specific need
How likely are you to add more Dashboards,
or more complexity to existing ones?
Not Likely
How much processing power will my repository
need to run my dashboards?
How big is my Repository likely to be?
How is sensitive data restricted from BI Writers?
It's not
Exclude the fields from syncing OR
exclude them in BI
As above, or just don't sync those
systems/subsections at all

DataWarehouse Live FAQs

That’s up to you! If you prefer to micromanage your own database, we can send all data to your Azure or Local repository, otherwise we can manage an Azure server on your behalf.

Of course. Data coming from the source is subject to the security protocols of the supplier. It is then processed and deposited into the destination. If you’re hosting the destination, its security is whatever you need it to be, but if we are we have years of database management skills that we bring to bear to ensure your data is secure.

Absolutely – for On-Prem systems you will need to have our Data Connector installed and configured, but once that is done the system can be used by Data Warehouse.

You can. However, we recommend a third-party provider for a few reasons:

You’ll have the options and flexibility:

  • To move away from that ERP System without starting from the beginning again
  • Of numerous Hosting locations
  • Of various BI Options (not limited to the ERP choice)
  • Field anonymisation (greater flexibility)
  • To add many other systems across different business sectors

Custom design your own

If we currently support your system/s you can find them in the management portal. If we don’t have your system currently supported, we can arrange for it to be added. Contact us at and we can discuss the options available to make this happen.

Data Warehouse is just an aggregation tool – you’ll need a BI software like Snapshot Live or Power BI to do any reporting. We can help with that too or speak to your Partner.

We can’t provide live feed to the second data due to the massive size of some of these data sets. When you set up each new system, you can choose its sync schedule and frequency.

The core difference between a Data Lake and Warehouse is that the latter stores data knowing about inter-table relations.
Data Warehouse Live straddles the line between the two solutions – we understand that relations exist between tables, but we offer a more ‘take it or leave it’ approach. The admin can choose to exclude fields or entire tables from syncing in order to anonymise data or speed up the syncing process.

You can, but there isn’t much point. If the Warehouse is corrupted or damaged, simply syncing from scratch will achieve the same as restoring a backup.

Of course we believe DataWarehouse Live offers the best value for money in the market.

  • Our Warehouse is priced more dynamically than many bespoke options on the market while being quicker to set up than these as well.
  • Our per-month subscription reduces the sticker-shock that we see with bespoke Data Warehouse providers, and it also allows you to scale up and down the Warehouse as new systems are brought in without having to go through lengthy development cycles.
  • As with all Plus Software products, we operate on a cancel-anytime model meaning that there’s no lost value if you decide the Warehousing isn’t giving the value you need.

Sure! Yes. Defo! We’ll set that up for you.

If you’re likely to use Plus to produce Dashboarding, Reporting and insights, then Snapshot is probably the best choice, often more cost effective to setup and maintain than Power BI.

Alternately, if Microsoft products are your go-to solution in the company, it might be easier to add Power BI to that ecosystem.

If you’re unsure on which way to go, contact Plus and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

We don’t recommend using Data Warehouse Live in place of proper Database backups.

Not at all! Data Warehouse Live is billed month-to-month and is cancel any time.

Link your data to DataWarehouse Live