Simple and efficient Data Exchange between any Cloud Apps

A secure, seamless way to connect Cloud Applications to your Cloud Business System

The Plus Software Cloud Connector platform allows a secure seamless way to connect Cloud Applications to your Cloud Business System, saving time and reducing human errors.

The Plus Cloud connector allows the syncing of information one way or both ways, depending on the Cloud Connector setup.

Choose a Custom Connector or “Out the Box” – either way, setup, training and maintenance is seamless and foolproof.


Cloud Connector Use Cases


Payroll to ERP Integration

The Plus Cloud Connector allows for a secure, real time integration of Payroll journals for your Cloud Financial System, saving hours per pay run. More importantly, automation prevents human error, avoiding potentially greater disasters.


Cloud To Cloud Integrations

Connect your Cloud Applications quickly and easy with the Plus Connector. Once connected, data can move freely between the applications allowing them to stay in sync. For example CRM to ERP, or Shopify to Accounting etc.


Hybrid Cloud Deployments

The Plus Cloud Connectors can be used to enable hybrid cloud deployments. This allows businesses to run some of their applications in the cloud and some on-premises.


Legacy Systems Connectivity

The Plus Cloud Connectors can be used to connect to a legacy system that is not cloud-native, e.g. Accounting Software. This can be useful for businesses that are still using legacy systems but want to move to the cloud.

Custom Integration

Our Custom Integrator service allows  for an exact business fit, offering full flexibility and control to your business. Automate workflows, reduce manual data entry and eliminate errors.


Speed of Integration

The Plus Connector makes for easy Custom Integration with fast, secure deployment.


Integration Timing

We offer the option of integration and synching on a schedule, manually or via webhook.


Sync Options

Within the custom integrations you can enable one or multiple data sync's.


Multiple Systems

Connect disparate systems, streamline processes and achieve greater efficiency.


Set and Forget

Once configured, the Cloud Connector is "set-and-forget", sitting in the background.


Azure Platform

Secure, Microsoft Azure backend with multi-tenant functionality gives peace of mind.


API and SDK peace

All API's and SDK's all kept up to date by Plus Software, freeing up your own internal resources.


Connector Forget

Cloud Connector and Integrations are fully maintained by Plus, allowing you to set & forget.

Connectors Available

Emplyment Hero to Sage Intacct Connector

The Employment Hero Cloud Connector Software allows for a secure, real time integration of Payroll journals from Employment Hero (Payroll) to your Cloud Financial System, saving up to an hour per pay run. More importantly, automation prevents human error, avoiding potentially greater disasters.

Employment Hero to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Employment Hero to Dynamics Connector is similar to the Employment Hero to Sage Intacct Connector. Setup is easy, and any Business using Employment Hero Payroll and Dynamics 365 Business Central will save time on automation and synchronisation.

" Out-The-Box" Integration

Your Accounting System not listed? Send an email to Support@Plus.Live and let us know what accounting system you are using, and we’ll build a connector.*

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Low Maintenance

The Cloud Connector from Plus Software  is “set-and-forget.” Once the Plus Software team completes Setup, move on and concentrate on more important work!


Automatic data flow

Once setup is complete, the data flow is automatic with no need to monitor. Log reports are provided to the User.


Free up IT Team

No additional monitoring or maintenance is required from the User or your Value Added Reseller or Partner.

When the connected software updates the data scheme, Plus Software adds the new schema (if relevant) to the Cloud Connector’s job list, allowing the integration to be up to date at all times, with no further work by internal I.T. or Partners.

Your Cloud Business System Trial

Whether you’re a Partner looking to help a Sage Intacct Customer, or the End User (Customer), you’re able to test the Cloud Connector for up to 30 Days. After 30 days, continue using or we’ll refund your 1st month’s fee. No forms, no questions, with our unconditional refund policy.

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Our 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee allows you to try any of the Plus Software Desktop Solutions, on your own data, with no risk whatsoever.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Date of 30-day refund starts from date of initial payment.
2. No refund on any Consulting (set up, installation etc) fees.

Easy Refund:
Email  – our Finance team will refund within 7 working days.

Cancel at any time after the 30 days offer anyway. No penalties and no lock in contracts. Ever.

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