Easy Cloud Connector Setup, Implementation and Training

Onboarding Hand Holding and Support.

At Plus Software we believe in a quick “time to value”.

Your return on investment should be within days, not months. Your implementation training is transparent and managed for you in a visual online white board, real time, with your team and your partner.

We’ll hold your hand through the 30-day unconditional refund period, and beyond.


Call 1300 677 303 (International + 61 7 2063 2214)

Or send us an e-mail. 
(We eagerly watch our Support Ticket Queue, hoping, praying you’ll engage with us).

Our 30-day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee allows you to try any of the Plus Software Desktop Solutions, on your own data, with no risk whatsoever.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Date of 30-day refund starts from date of initial payment.
2. No refund on any Consulting (set up, installation etc) fees.

Easy Refund:
Email Support@PlusSoftSolutions.com  – our Finance team will refund within 7 working days.

Cancel at any time after the 30 days offer anyway. No penalties and no lock in contracts. Ever.

Link Accounting and Payroll to awesome Cloud Tools.