Partner Opportunity Program
Up to 9 months Free Snapshot.Live for Customers - helping you with New Sales and Consulting

FREE Cloud Dashboarding BI Software for any Customer.
Unlimited Users. No future obligation.

Offer Detail

Apply NOW for Free Software and Training on Snapshot.Live.

Certified Partners can then offer THEIR customers up to 9 Months Free Snapshot.Live Software. 

See FAQ’s (below) for more detail about the exact offer.


In Q1, 2020, Covid-19 changed the world. Some Businesses continued to thrive, others struggled and the same for Partner Businesses.

The Partner Opportunity Program was created to help Partners and Customers through these challenging times. 

Who For?

For New and Existing Partners and Affiliates of Plus Software.

Partners need to complete the Do It Yourself (DIY) Snapshot.Live Getting Started and Silver Certification program.

The optional Gold Certification course is also available.


Any sites registered to use Snapshot.Live between 8th April 2020 and 31 July 2020 can receive up to 9 months free usage.

At the end of the each 3 month Free period, Partners can help their Customers choose to subscribe or extend or the Customer can cancel.

Getting Started Videos

Which BI Dashboards can I help Customers with?

Use the “Out the Box Dashboards” immediately available in the Community Dashboard tab of Snapshot.Live (see screenshot below).

Copy and customise further, or create New Dashboards from scratch. Not all Vendors have immediate Community Dashboards, but you can still create New Dashboards.

MORE Partner Videos - Customising, Creating New Dashboards

Need more info?

Click HERE to book a 15 minute demonstration at
a suitable time. Immediate booking – no fuss.

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Create hundreds of other Dashboards like these:

Apply Now (New Partners)

Sales.Live and Snapshot.Live Silver Certification step 1 - Register and create partner portal

1. Register Partner Portal

Head to Free Trial and register your Partner Portal.
We’ll review your Business details. Partners are then issued a Perpetual Licence and you can then commence training.

2. Complete Silver Certification

Follow the easy D.I.Y. Getting Started Training
program and Silver Certification
. Return your Certification results to us  – we’ll check and approve.

3. Return E-Agreement

Once approved, we’ll send you the jargon free Partner E-Agreement. No costs to join. 

E-Sign, return and immediately offer Free Snapshot.Live for, 3, 6 or 9 months

To start helping your  Customers with Free Snapshot, follow the Existing Partner Flow below.

Apply Now (Existing Partners)

Get a 14 day Free Trial

1. Start Customer Snapshot Trial

Register any Customer on the Plus.Live Portal.
No Credit Card needed.

2. Connect Data Connector

Connect the Plus.Live Data Connector to immediately access Community Dashboards.

3. Immediate 3 month Free

You can immediately request 3 months, then extend the licence for a further 3 or 6 months.

After 3 months, Partners can decide (authorise) an extension for an additional 3 month OR help move the Customer to a paying “cancel anytime” monthly cost.

Gold Certified Partner can also authorise another 3 months at the end of the 2nd three-month period.


Once you have registered your Partner Portal and completed Silver Certification, you can help any Customer with an immediate 3 month Free use and an optional 3 month extension, with a further 3 months for Gold Certified Partners.  

All you have to do is register the Customer details in full as a Trial, then notify us via Support@Plus.Live that you wish to extend a Customer, with their name, and we’ll do it. Gold Certified Partners can offer a FURTHER 3 months, totalling 9 months of Free BI or Dashboarding software. 

This offer applies to Affiliate Partners too.

You can request a free Demonstration or register your Partner Portal, download the Data Connector and start playing with the software. You’re a Partner – you’ve got this!

Head to Free Trial at the top of the Page and register your Partner Business.

You will receive an immediate Perpetual Licence, upon approval. Then start your Getting Started Training and Silver Certification, and once complete, you will be sent a jargon free easy to understand Partner E-Agreement.

When you join the Free Partner Program we will share with you how the Plus Software Partner program works.

Snapshot can be connected to just about any Desktop or Cloud Business Software. 

However, the major Vendors we work with (see home page for Vendor Logos) have immediate Community Dashboards available. More Community Dashboards for Accounting Vendors are being released on a regular basis. 

Remember though, you DON’T need the Community Dashboards to create NEW Dashboards for your Customers!

Send an email to Support@Plus.Live and we will add the Data Connector, upon approval.

Yes, this is included as part of your Partner program. There is no Partner Fee, to be clear. 

That’s up to you. 

You are, after all, helping your Customer improve their Business and they can access up to 9 months of free software. Set up is relatively easy, as you can see from the Partner Training.

No. If you have a Customer that is struggling because of the current Business Challenges, and needs one or more of our additional Apps, email Support@Plus.Live and we will contact you to discuss how we can help.

Contact us for more info

Click HERE to book a 15 minute demonstration at
a suitable time. Immediate booking – no fuss.

Request a Call

Click HERE to send an email to request a call to
discuss your needs. Let us know what you want.

Click HERE to send a direct Text message about
your needs and we will assist.

This offer has already ended.

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