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Snapshot Live Getting Started Training

There are two parts to Getting Started: The Training itself and Silver Certification.

Getting Started Steps

Sales.Live and Snapshot.Live Silver Certification step 1 - Register and create partner portal

1. Register and Create Partner Portal

Register and create your Partner Portal.

Now add your First User on the Plus.Live platform. You can add other Partner Consultants too, when ready.

Sales.Live Silver Certification step 2 - Order perpetual license

2. Order Perpetual Licence

Order your Partner Perpetual Licence. 

Send an email titled “Partner Licence” to Support@Plus.Live. Include the email you registered with and your Partner Company name.

Sales.Live Silver Certification step 3 - Install data connector

3. Install Data Connector

Download, install and connect the Data Connector.

You can also use the Plus Software Cloud Data Connector too, if you’re not connecting to a Desktop Business System.

Silver Certification

How to Certify

Show us your knowledge by sending us 2 brief videos. See how to do this here.

General Usability


  1. Set up a User Group for the sales team ONLY and a User Group for Finance ONLY.
  2. Set up a Default Dashboard. 
  3. Schedule that same Dashboard to be sent to yourself every Friday.


Video 1: Press record:

  1. Make a copy of a Community Dashboard, set the auto refresh time to be 5 minutes after the cache time.

  2. Add any additional parameter of choice to the Dashboard and bind it in the query.

  3. Edit the layout and convert a component to another component, e.g. convert a grid to a pivot.

  4. Add a new field to an existing component and change the description of the field, e.g. add in another column to a grid and give it new column header.

General Awareness

Video 2: Press record:

  1. Show Snapshot.Live Pricing, FAQ’s on the Plus.Live website.
  2. Show Partner FAQ’s – show the AI and Machine Learning FAQ.
  3. Show the Service Options videos (on Partner Resources page) – play Sales.Live Services video for 10 seconds.
  4. Show the Plus Software Company Page on LinkedIn and subscribe.

See our How to Certify page for more information. 

In most cases you will receive “Pass” or further guidance within 24 hours.

At the end of Silver certification, you will have an understanding of the Plus.Live platform as well as an intermediate understanding of Snapshot Live. For more extensive knowledge, progress to Gold Training and Certification.

Link Accounting and Payroll to useful Cloud Tools