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There are two parts to the Intermediate Training: The Training itself and Gold Certification.

Getting Started Steps

Snapshot.Live Gold Certification step 1 - Sign into portal

1. Sign into Your Portal

Sign into your Portal.

Sales.Live ans Snapshot.Live Silver Certification step 4 - Review and learn

2. Run through Partner Training Material

Snapshot.Live Gold Certification step 3 - Create and gain experience

3. Create and Gain Experience

Create one or two new Dashboards for either your own Partner Business or a Customer to gain some experience.

If you need help, use our Help Articles, or pop an email to Support@Plus.Live.

Gold Certification

How to Certify

Show us your knowledge by sending a quick video of the END RESULT of your New Dashboard, pointing out the following in your video:

  1. Your Query field (1, III below)
  2. Your Sparkline Sales Price (2, I d)
  3. Your Dashboard Component interactivity (2, IV)

See exactly how to certify HERE.

1. Create a new Sales Dashboard

Create a new Sales Dashboard, with an appropriate name and description:

I. Link it to a category;
II. Add date parameters to limit the range of sales;
III. Add in one Data source and in your query have at least the following fields:

a. Date

b. Customer

c. Line item

d. Quantity

e. Sale Price

f. Cost Price

2. Create additional Dashboard Components

Create the following Dashboard Components with fields (in the same Dashboard):

I. A Grid with the following columns and types:

a. Customer as a Dimension;

b. Sales Price as a Measure type with a sum at the bottom of the column. Format the field to a number with units of one and two decimal places;

c. Sales Price as a Measure type but set the display mode to a bar;

d. Sales Price as a Sparkline and set the Sparkline to the date (format of Month – Year).

II. A Graph that displays sales over time (set time to Month – Year):

a. Show sales values as a Line Type with each point representing a Month (put point labels on), with “Months” along the bottom of the chart.

III. Add another Dashboard Component of your choice. Show your understanding that the fields you add to the component make sense. For example, it may not make sense to add a pie chart with sales by customer when you have hundreds of Customers. Perhaps show sales by group or warehouse.

IV. Make all components interactive by turning on Multiple Master Filters.

V. Exit the Dashboard and then Run/Display in full screen, from the Custom Dashboard menu.

See our How to Certify page for more information. 

In most cases you will receive a pass notification or further guidance within 24 hours.

At the end of Gold Certification, you will have an understanding of the Plus.Live platform as well as a full understanding of Snapshot Live, including the Creation of New  Dashboards.

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