Partners Love Snapshot.Live

12 Reasons why Partners Love Snapshot.Live

1. Hey! 30-Day Trial on Customer Data.

No risk to you as a Consultant – get Snapshot.Live up and running and ensure your Customer is happy.
If so, continue using!
If not, request refund. Easy as...

2. It’s a Dashboarding and BI Tool “all in one”.

Snapshot.Live enables Partners to help their Customers access their data in useful, visual Dashboards.

It ALSO offers BI functionality because the Data Connector on the Plus.Live Platform allows a Connection to live data from multiple sources, allowing components to identify trends and insights.

3. Easiest Dashboard Customisation Tools

You can help Customers quickly see value by showing them how easy it is to copy a Master Dashboard and then customising it. Let them do the easy stuff - you get to do the interesting Consulting!

4. Connection to multiple Data Sources

You’re not limited to using the Snapshot BI and Dashboarding tool for data FROM the Accounting System.
Pull data from just about anywhere, into one or multiple Dashboards!

5. Desktop and Cloud Connectors

Snapshot.Live allows a Partner to connect to Desktop Business Systems AND Cloud Based Business Systems. A BI tool that serves all markets!

6. Unique Consulting Recurring Revenue

You earn recurring on our Platform, for every Customer sold – YES!

And you own your own Consulting, YES!

Did you also know that the unique design of Snapshot allows Partners to design a Dashboard ONCE and sell that Dashboard many times over, to different customers?

7. Partner Rebate Protection

Partners are awarded Recurring Revenue for the Life of the Customer.

But we go one step further - once you sign a customer up, you retain the recurring for life. Yes, even if they move their support elsewhere.
Yes, for life...

8. More Options to Upsell

Once a Customer is using Snapshot, they can be easily introduced to other Apps on the same platform, using the same data Connector.

Makes helping Customers so much easier!

9. DIY Training

No long-winded courses – learn as you go, with our Do-It-Yourself courses.

10. Free Partner Licences and Free Partner Program

Partners can use our software in house and for free.

And we don’t charge for our Partner program. We don’t believe in making money off our Partners, we believe in making money WITH them.

11. Back up Service and Support

We back our Partners up. You’re never alone, with your Customers.

12. Help with Demonstrations and Sales

Our Sales team will help you do your first few demonstrations so we can answer those tricker questions and get you moving quickly.

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