A Dashboard dream for every Sales Manager

Every Sales Manager we’ve ever dealt with has always wanted better information from the core accounting or payroll business system. The good news is Sales Managers have everything they need in Snapshot to monitor Sales and Sales Rep performance.

Snapshot BI and sales rep Dashboard

Inventory and Inventory Group Product Margins can be seen instantly, spot product sold below correct margins, Slow Moving products, Sales Trends and Sales DIFOT (Delivery In Full On Time) Dashboards are available out of the box.

A Sales Manager can improve sales rep performance

Our Sales Rep & Customer Sales Dashboards allow sales managers to quickly drill into sales rep performance with the click of a button.

Click on a sales rep at the top of the dashboard and see Customers Sales & Product Sales for that sales rep. Highlight Products to see which sales reps are selling the product, or a customer to see what products a customer is buying.

It’s just one of our many dashboards designed for sales managers. And in turn, designed for sales consultants.

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