Sales Consultants appreciate the simplicity

Of all the roles served by Snapshot, sales consultants appreciate the simplicity of Snapshot and the volume and flexibility of information delivered. You can create Dashboards to suit every need for every sales consultant.

One example is the All Sales All Time All Products Dashboard which produces a one view representation of sales history overall, by customer, by product across any range of months.

12 month’s sales

To show a sales consultant how easy it is to use Snapshot, let’s start with looking at 12 months of sales figures. These are all neatly presented in a bar chart as shown below:

Snapshot BI total sales Dashboard

You can see sales by customer for that 12 month period, as well as sales by product.

Sales Consultants can Drill down

If you want to know what customers are buying a particular product over that 12 month period, select the product:

  • In the customer pane you will see the customers who have bought the product and how much they have bought;
  • You can sort this in ascending or descending order;
  • You can see the sales pattern by month for that particular product too. Click through the products to view each one’s sales history and the customers buying that product.

Which products, which customer?

If you want to see all the products that a particular customer is buying, click on the customer, and the product pane will now show you the products that customer has purchased. The graph will also show you the sales history, just for that customer.

If you want to know why that customer had a spike in sales in one particular month, click on that month in the chart, and immediately the Dashboard will show you the products purchased in only that month.

Information in one place

Our Sales Dashboards combine what would normally be 3–4 standard sales reports into one easy to view screen, allowing instant access to the data that you need.

We provide a number of these Sales Dashboards that are immediately available to the individual sales consultant or sales team (permission permitting) upon install. Dashboards can also be used to limit sales rep data to only their sales information, allowing them to always have accurate information about their sales.

For more information about how we can help your sales team with the sales intelligence they need, email or call us.

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