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There are so many moving parts in an NDIS organisation. Client care, HR, finance, payroll… each with its own unique KPIs and reporting requirements. Tracking down data to make decisions can be an absolute nightmare. Especially when you’re juggling limited resources, growing participant demand, and compliance requirements that change faster than you can blink.

Plus Live is a powerful solution that gives you control over all your data in one place. It lets you automate reporting, access data insights in real time, and make strategic decisions to drive your impact and growth. Stop saying, “It would be great if we had data on this…” and finally get everything you need at your fingertips.

Save Time & Automate Manual Handling To Reach More NDIS Participants

Most NDIS organisations just want to quickly help people. But it’s hard when your teams waste time manually handling data, administration, and reporting. Sourcing payroll data from Employment Hero… revenue & expense insights from MYOB or Xero… plus billable and client care information from your case management software.

Plus Live removes this ‘Frankenstein’ mess of data sources and connects all your data, making it 10X faster and easier to find. Simply search, select, and go, with all the insights you need at the click of a button. Save time on manual handling, increase the capacity of your teams, and give your NDIS organisation the agility to meet growing demand.

Eliminate Manual Reporting and Get Better Insights

  • Works Seamlessly With Existing NDIS Systems
    Easily integrates a range of NDIS data sources using our pre-built and custom-build connectors, which means you can hit the ground running with minimal disruption or downtime.
  • Protects The Privacy Of Your Clients
    Powered by Microsoft Azure, our secure platform helps you comply with NDIS confidentiality and privacy obligations, including the Privacy Act & NDIS Act.
  • Makes NDIS Reporting Compliance Easy
    Automates reporting so you can meet regulatory requirements, maintain transparency, and demonstrate accountability in how you use funds, provide services, and store participant information.
  • Scales Quickly With Your Organisation
    The NDIS now supports over 600,000 participants across Australia. With numbers predicted to rise, you need a data solution that grows with you.
  • Empowers Data-Driven Planning
    Gives you real-time data insights so your leaders can make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and drive continuous improvement for participant outcomes.

Connects Easily With Your Existing Tools

Automate data collection from internal and external databases and files, for faster insights and a more efficient workflow.

NDIS reporting

The Leading Data Platform For NDIS Businesses Who Want To:

  • Accelerate Organisational Growth Streamline operations and gain the information you need to expand your reach and grow your organisation.
  • Free Up Time For Client Care Access and track data quickly to save time for leaders, HR, service providers, and more – allowing your people to focus on client care.
  • Better Understand Service Delivery Gain better insights into your revenue streams, so you can prioritise profitable service contracts and identify areas for expansion.
  • Reduce Costs Slash the number of staff hours you waste on manual data handling and reporting, improving your bottom line.
  • Increase Billable Hours Less time compiling data or juggling different systems means more time for billable work.

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FREE Data Health Check

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Get Insightful Data In 30 Days Or Your Money Back*

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  2. No refund on any Consulting (set up, installation etc) fees.

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