It's Time to Transform Your Cash Flow Forecasting

There are two parts to the Intermediate Training: The Training itself and Gold Certification.

Snapshot.Live Gold Certification step 1 - Sign into portal

1. Sign into Your Portal

Sign into your Portal.

Sales.Live ans Snapshot.Live Silver Certification step 4 - Review and learn

2. Run through Partner Training Material

If you need help, use our Help Articles, or pop an email to Support@Plus.Live.

Gold Certification

How to Certify

Show us your knowledge by sending us 2 brief videos. See how to do this here.

Cashflow Forecasting

  1. Add an Unbound Row.
  2. Group Some Rows.
  3. Move some rows positions.
  4. Delete a Row.
  5. Create a schedule on a row.

Monthly Forecasting & Report Formats

  1. Create a Report Format that meets your needs, including Categories and Subcategories.
  2. Add sub-categories for region/dept sales.
  3. Add top-level categories for Other Income and Other Expenses, and position them appropriately.
  4. Add a Gross Profit category which is Income – Expenses.
  5. Change the Total Profit row to account for these new Categories.
  6. Display this new report format with the Last Years Actuals budget across the current Financial Year.


  1. Create a Role that cannot access the Cashflow Forecast, but can access Debtors.

See our How to Certify page for more information. 

In most cases you will receive “Pass” or further guidance within 24 hours.

At the end of Gold Certification, you will have an understanding of the Plus.Live platform as well as a full understanding of Forecast Live.

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