Company Information Setup (Customer Input)

Once Plus Software has set your Cloud Connector Portal up (Step 1), you will need the following Sage Intacct and Employment Hero information on hand to verify the Employment Hero Cloud Connector. This is shared in our Online Session.

Credit Card

A Customer or Partner Credit Card will need to be entered to activate the monthly licence and Support.
Reminder: 30 Day Licence includes Unconditional refund.

Sage Intacct Sign On info

The Sage Intacct Company ID, User ID and User Password will be required to connect the Sage Intacct to Employment Hero Connector.

Sage Intacct Add Sender ID

In the Sage Intacct database you need to add ‘plussoftwareMPP’ as an approved sender ID. A step-by-step guide can be provided.

An Employment Hero Payroll API will need to be generated to connect Sage Intacct to Employment Hero.

More here:

Decision: Sync Data Date

Please advise date to be used as the starting point from which data is synced from. If you don't wish to sync old historical data across to Sage Intacct then set this to the date where you wish the data to start from.

Decision: Scheduling

Decide if sync between Employment Hero and Sage Intacct will be:
1. Via a weekly/bi-monthly /monthly pay run alignment or
2. Automatically with each pay run (in this case Plus Software will generate and set up a WebHook).

For more information or questions, email

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